How does a casino deal with card counters?

Card counters are usually called those blackjack players who use their intellectual abilities not for witty statements, but for counting cards in the deck. This way of determining the strength of their hand helps they get ahead of their opponents time and time again.

However, the casino employees have a different opinion. In particular, those who are responsible for security. You will not be able to contact the police and send the card counter to prison for fraud, but security officers can still simply escort the customer out of the institution and prohibit them from visiting.

At the peak of popularity, the card account was in the middle of the XX century. Then there were those in blackjack who almost didn’t lose due to their skill. Of course, quite quickly the most agile players picked up the idea and spread it, which led to noticeable losses for the casino.
The fight began with a ban on certain elements of the game. Some of them (for example, split) were popular, and therefore customers of casinos where draconian bans were introduced for fighting, for some time ceased to be interested in blackjack. They found a new place. The vast majority of these players, of course, had nothing to do with the card count.

Considering that it is wrong to lose clients, gambling organizers began to come up with other ways to fight. It got to the point that several bans were introduced at once, which later became full-fledged rules of blackjack. Oddly enough, they added more dynamics to the game.
As well as the appearance of the Shoe is a special device, without which it is not possible to imagine blackjack in a modern casino. Now the deck was shuffled in semi-automatic mode, players did not have to wait long for the dealer to do it with their own hands, and the process of dealing cards accelerated.

What are the problems for card counters?

Certain problems for the card counters were created by the increase in the number of decks. You won’t find a single-deck blackjack anywhere today. In addition, other, even more effective methods of dealing with counters have been developed. The croupiers go to the most extreme measures in case of suspicion. They can occur in the event of a sharp increase in bets or multiple wins.

What about attention to card counters?

In casinos, the administration can pay more attention to card counters that arouse suspicion by placing temporary players on the table, as well as placing a security officer nearby. Note that for a long time counters can act as a group, which was filmed several worthy films.

What about black lists?

Please note that almost any reputable casino keeps “black lists” of unreliable players. They can be recognized by their face even in those establishments where they have never been, because there is a constant exchange of potential “robbers” between the casinos.